Angelic Wisdom with Gary


Hello and Welcome to "YOUR Angels’ Guidance".  My name is Gary Paul Frese . I am YOUR Angel Guide and Spiritual Guidance Coach . I thank you for joining me today and for connecting with YOUR angels and spiritual guides . I have been blessed to facilitate over 8500 angelically inspired readings  during the last 10 years that have helped numerous people reach out to their angels to find answer that have helped them address and solve everyday life issues and challenges.

The spiritual guidance you are seeking , especially during challenging times , is here for you now. You do have angels and spiritual guides that are waiting to help you immediately. They love to help you, and they are so good at helping you when you simply ask for, believe in and graciously receive their guidance . Whatever it is that you are seeking angelic and spiritual guidance for--YOUR angels are here to help you now. If you are looking for relationship assistance , career guidance , ways to increase financial abundance, angelic healing or spiritual guidance , the help you seek is here now through my services or through my FREE angel wisdom horoscopes and monthly angel number horoscopes . This site truly is the home of YOUR Angels Guidance.


Gary 's oracle card readings have helped me to make loving decisions when I'm at the crossroads in my life . His readings are accurate and I've moved to a higher quality of life by trusting the guidance received through the oracle cards !! Thank you so very much Gary ! Wishing you the best,


“Gary has been working with me by phone three time zones away since June of 2012. I have received amazing insight and true divine guidance through him. He has also been teaching me and leading me closer my life purpose . I want to THANK YOU Gary and let you know how truly GRATEFUL I am for your time, patience and compassion ! Gary truly cares about his clients and goes above and beyond to make sure you are heading down the right road and enables you to make the best life decisions possible. Without him to give me messages from MY angels I do not know where I would be right now. He has directed me with the messages he receives and takes time and care into what he relays from the divine. If there are angels on Earth , Gary is one of them. Everyone and everything is brought into our life for a reason . If you have stumbled upon this website it was NOT by accident . Take the sign and run with it. Allow YOUR angels to speak to you through Gary, you will be enlightened and amazed. He truly has a connection to the higher realm which is waiting and wanting us to connect to. There is spiritual support out there for all of us, Gary delivers that in a loving caring way and he has never sugar coated the truth, he is honest and gets insight into all situations. Again, Gary... GRATITUDE is what I feel for you my dear friend ! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for keeping me sane and on the right path!! Much love and many, many blessings ! “


Hi Gary!  Just wanted to drop a line to you to say how much I enjoyed my reading with you yesterday. It was very informative , confirming and reassuring for me. As you can see from my reading , I have A LOT going on in my life and it was very comforting to hear that all is well and not to worry. It was also comforting to know that you have gone through similar things and that you have come out of it well. I also wanted to say that I’ve had many readings from other intuitive before and yours was probably one of the best I’ve had. I can really tell you connect so well with the angelic realm and they love you! All the cards you pulled were bang on and your way of presenting the messages was very encouraging and loving, you are a great spiritual coach! (by the way the Angels say THANK YOU for getting through to me, they have been working with me a lot , but they know I can be stubborn at times!).  Blessings to you as you create new experiences and ventures on your healer path. I’m glad I “ran” into your website !

Rosanna Sardella, RCH - Owner, EMERGE Centre For Inner Healing - PH: 403-400-3715 - Calgary, Canada

“Honestly, this has been so very helpful to have the angels confirm to me where my life is at! Things were put into perspective (what I need to focus on), and now I am able to continue the dance with my angels with ease and grace. Thank you! Thank you! I feel like I have had an emotional massage! The best ever! Peace, happiness and love flowed through the whole reading . Simply fabulous!”


"I had been wandering around on this journey called life, trying to find my way and understand which paths to take. Then last November I met Gary Frese and had my first reading with him. I was so amazed at the whole experience because the reading matched perfectly where I was, and gave me direction where to go and what to do next! So I did. Then in March, four months later, I came back to him and received the most incredible, amazing follow-up reading possible!. Because of Gary and his connection to the Angelic Realm I now have clear direction, positive intention, and the assurance that I am following what is to be my life's path. Gary's sincere, caring nature gave me the assurance that his intuition and insights are truly coming from my angel team, and believe me, it is life-changing!" Always,


"My friend Gary is a truly gifted spiritual advisor . He has facilitated guidance for me for the past 1 1/2 years and ALL has been 100% on point; my new relationship with my now-husband, my move to Puerto Rico, my career , my custody case with Dylan...I am very grateful to have found Gary. His new reading featured below is AMAZING! I did it this morning and it was an eye opener! Please check it out!"


"My Angel card reading with Gary was mind blowing for me, from the moment he turned over the first card I had goose bumps , it hit right on and gave me the confidence I had been unknowingly looking for to follow my dreams. I highly recommend the angel card reading and I just loved Gary! He is so friendly and I felt completely comfortable with him. I believe he was sent to me by my angels, I think about the cards in my reading everyday. Thank you so much Gary!"

"Gary has given me some insight into my life that I treasure. He has given me kind words of wisdom , and I truly enjoy our friendship that has developed from the readings that he has given me over the past several months. I am on a journey of which I know that I need to make some changes that are major as in moving to another state and leaving friends that I have been close to in order to start over once again. I know that Gary has very strong insight not just in his own right but in the fact that he truly loves people and has been through a lot of what I am enduring in my own life at the moment ! Thanks Gary, for giving me the insight that I was looking for now. I just need to get things in order so that I can make my move permanent so that I am with my true LOVE."