IV. Angel Card Reading Classes With Gary 

I offer both beginning and advanced training for "How To Read Angel Cards".  Pricing varies depending on what level you want to progress from and to.  The beginning two ninety-minute classes are $99.99.  The advanced training six ninety-minute classes are $250.00.  A full schedule and what is included with your training is available via email after we visit on the phone and determine what level of training you prefer.  At the end of your training, you receive a Certification of Completion (C of C) from Your Angels Guidance, LLC.  PayPal installment plans of three payments are available for the $250.00 class.  Please email me at your_angels_guidance@yahoo.com or call me at 801.638.3503 to further discuss the perfect class for you. Thank you, Gary

I. $41.11 forty-minute Angel Card Reading for:

a. One or two subjects or

b. Two or three questions or

c. A two deck general "What Do Your Angels Want You to Know" Angel Card Reading or

d. A combination of a 15-minute general reading and one or two specific questions.

1. $99.99 / Two 90-Minute Classes - Beginning Angel Card Reading

2. $250.00 / Six 90-Minute Classes - Beginning and Advanced Angel Card Reading

ASK GARY: Three Month Pay As You Go Plan Is Available Through Gary (3 Monthly Payments of $84.00)  Contact Gary For Payment Method Details

VI. Gift Certificates

Simply order either I., II. or III. angel card reading and I'll e-mail or postal mail you, or the person you select the gift certificate for, a gift certificate for the reading you choose for them.  Thank-you, Gary

PREREQUISITE FOR BEGINNING CLASS - Dr. Virtue's Messages From Your Angels Oracle Deck. 

PREREQUISTE FOR THE ADVANCE CLASS: Messages From Your Angels Oracle Deck and (3) three Dr. Virtue Oracle Decks from a list of decks that I will email you.  These decks can be ordered while I am conducting your first two classes of your six classes.Thank, Gary

V.  Donations and Gratuities.  If you would like to leave a donation or gratuity, please click on the following PayPal button.  Thank-you so much for your support.  Gary

Gary's 11th annual reading special is on now through December 30th.  Order an $88.88 12-month angel card reading at the six-month price of $55.55.  Just scroll down to the twelve-month angel card reading (III.) and the reduced price will be reflected when you order the twelve-month reading for all of 2018. Thank you, Gary

II. $55.55 sixty-minute Angel Card Reading for: 

a. Multiple subjects or questions or

b. A three deck general "What Do Your Angels Want You to Know For The Next Six-Months" Angel Card Reading

III. $88.88 ninety-minute twelve-month Angel Card Reading for $55.55:

a. A four deck (your choice of decks) "What Do Your Angels Want You To Know For The Next Twelve-Months" reading that gives advice and guidance for now and advice and guidance for twelve months. Each deck represent three months of the next twelve-months.

b. All the individual questions you may want to ask.