For those of you who desire to know which Archangel(s) to call on for specific requests and help, the following information will assist you. The information was compiled from books written by Dr. Doreen Virtue. If you desire an in-depth understanding of all of the Angel's functions, I suggest you go to Dr. Virtue's website,, to research what she has available.

List of Archangels and their divine functions including divine purpose, aura color, crystal alignment and the meaning for each of their names.

1. Archangel Ariel (Lioness of God and Angel Spirit of Nature )

Assists with:
a. Divine magic
b. Manifestations concerning everyday material needs and finances
c. Environmentalism
d. Bringing divine help during desperate times
e. Heals & protects wild animals, fish & birds
f. Brings messages from and delivers messages to the deceased

Aura Color: Pale Pink
Aligning Crystal: Rose Quartz

2. Archangel Azrael (Whom God helps)

Assists with:
a. Comforting the dying and grieving
b. Crossing over of the newly deceased person's soul
c. Grief counseling/Grief counselors
d. Supporting the grieving materially, spiritually and emotionally.
e. Confidence and courage
f. Letting the past go while moving ahead fearlessly
g. Healing the heart after suffering personal lose of any kind

Aura Color: Vanilla cream (pale yellow tone)
Aligning Crystal: Creamy yellow Calite

3. Archangel Chamuel (He who sees God / He who seeks God)

Assists with:
a. Finding the right career or career path, life purposes, finding lost items
b. Building and strengthening relationships
c. Seeking out and finding Soulmates
d. World Peace
e. Centering and calming
f. Creating the best possible romantic relationship

Aura Color: Pale Green
Aligning Crystal: Green Fluorite

4. Archangel Gabriel (God is my strength)

Assists with:
a. Adopting children
b. Art-related projects and Artists
c. Child conception and fertility
d. Writing, publishing, and journalism
e. Television and radio work
f. Creating any new creative opportunities and projects
g. Becoming a Divine messenger of love and light (lightworker)

Aura Color: Copper
Aligning Crystal: Copper and Citrine

5. Archangel Haniel (Glory or grace of God)

Assists with:
a. Bringing grace and feministic characteristics (intuition, clairvoyance, etc.) into our lives
b. Healing abilities
c. Moon energy
d. Poise
e. Psychic abilities, especially Clairvoyance
f. Following your intuition and ideas and knowing which ones are reliable
g. Connecting clearly with Angels
h. Developing and trusting your spiritual gifts and divine guidance

Aura Color: Bluish-white
Aligning Crystal: Moonstone

6. Archangel Jeremiel (Mercy of God)

Assists with:
a. Clairvoyance
b. Prophetic visions
c. Evaluating your life (Life review)
d. Making life changes
e. Psychic dreams, including their interpretations
f. Connecting with him to write down inspired life changes, areas needing healing and releasing

Aura Color: Deep eggplant purple
Aligning Crystal: Amethyst

7. Archangel Jophiel (Beauty of God)

Assists with:
a. Art-related projects and Artists
b. Beautiful thoughts
c. Interior decorating
d. Slowing down from a hectic pace to experience peace and grace
e. Getting rid of physical clutter
f. Enjoying outdoor activities and connecting with your nature angels (Fairies)
g. Self Esteem
h. Appreciating your life and the world
i. Developing a positive attitude and an optimistic view about your future

Aura Color: Deep rose pink
Aligning Crystal: Dark pink, pink rubellite

8. Archangel Metatron (God’s mediator)

Assists with:
a. Increasing motivation
b. Increasing energy levels
c. Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD)
d. Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)
e. Children Issues
f. Recordkeeping and organization
g. Spiritual understanding
h. Writing
i. Manifesting dreams into reality using sacred geometry via a Merkaba (Metatron cube)

Aura Color: Violet with sea-foam green stripes
Aligning Crystal: Watermelon

9. Archangel Michael (He who is like God)

Assists with:
a. Commitments and dedication to one's beliefs
b. Courage, direction and motivation
c. Energy and vitality
d. All aspects of life's purpose
e. Protection
f. Space clearing
g. Spirit releasement (negative spirits)
h. Worthiness and increased self-esteem
i. Fixing electrical and mechanical devices, including computers
j. Helping left-brainers focus on creative projects
k. Providing specific guidance about life purpose and spiritual paths

Aura Color: Royal blue mixed with tinges of royal purple
Aligning Crystal: Sugalite

10. Archangel Raguel (Friend of God)

Assists with:
a. Resolving arguments
b. Creating cooperation and harmony within relationships of all kinds
c. Defending the unfairly treated
d. Empowerment, especially the underdogs
e. Mediation of disputes
f. Orderliness, Divine order
g. Making decisions when other people are involved

Aura Color: Pale blue
Aligning Crystal: Aquamarine

11. Archangel Raphael (Whom God heals or has healed)

Assists with:
a. Addictions and eliminating and reducing cravings
b. Clairvoyance
c. Physical and spiritual eyesight
d. Guidance and support for Healers
e. Healing for humans and animals
f. Retrieving lost pets
g. Travelers as related to protection, orderliness and harmony
h. Space clearing
i. Spirit releasement (negative spirits)
j. Improving romance, business, family and friendship relationships
k. Manifesting a Soulmate relationship

Aura Color: Emerald green
Aligning Crystal: Emeralds

12. Archangel Raziel (Secret of God)

Assists with:
a. Alchemy
b. Clairvoyance
c. Divine magic
d. Esoteric information
e. Manifestations
f. Psychic abilities
g. Opening doors of opportunity
h. Speeding up manifestations

Aura Color: All colors of the rainbow
Aligning Crystal: Clear Quartz

13. Archangel Sandalphon (Brother)

Assists with:
a. Music
b. Delivering and answering prayers
c. Determining the gender of unborn child
d. Integrity
e. Appreciation of miracles and victories
f. Increasing faith and commitment with your goals and dreams

Aura Color: Cool shade of Turquoise
Aligning Crystal: Turquoise

14. Archangel Uriel (God is light, God's light, fire of God)

Assists with:
a. Alchemy
b. Divine magic
c. Earth changes
d. Problem solving
e. Spiritual understanding
f. Studies, tests and students
g. Weather
h. Writing
i. Focus and concentration
j. Increasing your confidence in your intelligence and wisdom
k. Creating new ideas solutions

Aura Color: Pale yellow
Aligning Crystal: Amber

15. Archangel Zadkiel (The righteousness of God)

Assists with:
a. Compassion
b. Finding lost objects
c. Forgiveness of self and others
d. Emotional and physical healing
e. Memory enhancement and remembering important stuff
f. Studies, students and tests
g. Self-Esteem
h. Remembering what your true spiritual heritage is and helps you determine what to do with this knowledge

Aura Color: Deep indigo blue
Aligning Mineral: Lapis Lazuli