I. $42.22 forty minute Angel Card Reading for:

a. One or two subjects with questions or a single-deck "What Do Your Angels Want You To Know" three-month angel card reading with questions included.


40-Minute Angel Card Reading

60-Minute Angel Card Reading

75 to 90-Minute Angel Card Reading

IV. Donations and Gratuities  

If you would like to leave a donation or gratuity, please click on the following Donation button.  Thank-you so much for your support.  Gary


V. Gift Certificates  

Call me at 801.638.3503 or email me at angelguy1949@gmail.com for information about gift certificates.  Thank-you so much.  Gary




Personal One-On-One Angel Card Reading With Gary


III. $78.88 seventy-five to ninety-minute Angel Card Reading for: 

a. Multiple subjects or questions or a three-deck "What Do Your Angels What You To Know" twelve-month reading" with questions included.


II. $61.11 sixty minute Angel Card Reading for  

a. Multiple subjects or questions or a two-deck "What Do Your Angels What You To Know" six-month reading" with questions included.


My reading hours are from 7 AM PDT to 3 PM PDT.  I am generally available 7 days a week, but it is best to check with me first because, at the moment, I am booked out about two weeks. All readings come with a recording, which I email you immediately after your reading. Thank you, Gary